Rare Grooves volume 1: Intercity Course

by Gilles Snowcat (雪猫ジル)

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雪猫ジルのセクシーで珍しいグルーヴだよ!"Rare Grooves" is a series of releases offering you a collection of rarities, demos, live takes and never-before-released pleasures from Gilles Snowcat. Let's start with volume 1, "Intercity Course". The naughtiest way to give your ego some pleasure time.


released June 5, 2016




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Gilles Snowcat Brussels, Belgium

Born on Mardi Gras day, it's hardly a surprise to feel spell and betwitchment, curse and fascination in Gilles Snowcat's love songs after dark. There's more than a hint of trance, rites and forbidden icons in what goes beyond music. A parallel experience. ... more

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Track Name: The Train Is Leaving 小倉 (alt. live version, feat. Marie de Condé)
The train is leaving 小倉
And I don’t know what to do
We’re living our life inside a love song
The record is hard: it can never break
I’m wearing your yellow strap
As a sign of trust
The train is now reaching 宇佐
The dust has flown away: it returned to its ashtray

On our right, the track is empty
Though the Sonic train arrives
Its funny drawings makes us smile again
The rails are golden: they can never fail
I’m wearing your badge
As a sign of you
The train is now speeding up
And we know we can’t be wrong: should I say we may be right

You’re gonna make money
At least I will try
You’re gonna stop singing
Well, maybe not this time

Let’s skip the collectivists
To enjoy 別府 Nights
I’ll buy you a diamond ring
Before time will pass us by

The train is stopping everywhere
And the night is falling fast
We’re living our life in a funny 漫画
The paper is wet but can never melt
I’m wearing your baby ring
As a sign of love
The train is leaving 小倉
And I know what I’m gonna do…
‘Cause I know my life is you
Track Name: 柳ケ浦 (uncensored mix)
A ship is not a sheep
A sheep can be a dog
Your joyful moment
Has an unexpected design

If you cross the tracks like the risky feline
Everything can happen in 柳ヶ浦

Có lẽ con cừu
k0 phải là con dê
The willow by the sea
Has an unexpected flavor

If you refuse to follow the risky taxi driver
Nothing might happen in 柳ヶ浦

This mouth still longs for liquor
This mouth still looks for you
This mouth still wants to eat you
This mouth… drank a lot

Anh sẽ mua 唐揚 cho em
Hãy đi mua sắm ở トキハ
Miệng này đã từng uống nhiều

Do you remember the cat on the tracks?
Running so boldly between the rails…
Do you still feel the morning air
Of the quiet city?

Tell me it’s not like that
Tell me we still can go there
Tell me we’ll both jump in that train
To 柳ヶ浦

Who was witness of our visit
If not the lonely dog who stared at our breakfast?
We took ワンマン, we met ワンちゃん,
And that taxi driver so eager to drive us to nowhere

Tell me it’s not like that
Tell me we still can go there
Tell me we’ll both jump in that train
To 柳ヶ浦